Tariff Plan of "ORD-A" LLC for provision of Services for collection and transmission of advertising Data

Effective from May 1, 2024

I. The cost for the "Minimum payment" Service is charged in one of the following cases:
- if during the Reporting Period Services No. 2 and 3 were not provided, but Data was transmitted by the Data Provider using the “ORD-A” System about contracts, creatives (including assigning Advertising Identifiers), statistics, and acts;

- if for Services No. 2 and 3 (in total) the amount of charges (the cost of Services provided by the ADO in the respective Reporting Period) amounted to less than 5,000 rubles (including VAT).

If the cost of Services No. 2 and 3 exceeds 5,000 rubles (including VAT), then the Minimum payment is not considered in the summation of Service costs. In this case, the cost for Services No. 2 and 3 is calculated collectively according to sections II and III.

No cost is charged in case of non-usage of the “ORD-A” System by the Data Provider for the transmission to ERIR of Data contained in the Data Provider's Personal Account during the Reporting Period.
II. Calculation of the cost for the "Transmission to ADO of acts with statistics (reallocation by creatives)" Service:
- the total amount from the initial contracts (contract with the advertiser, for which the creative is created) from the reallocation of acts transmitted by the Data Provider to the ADO during the Reporting Period is taken for calculation. Only those initial contracts for which statistics on creatives (reallocation by creatives) were transmitted during the Reporting Period are considered.

The values obtained during calculation are checked for compliance with the sum ranges (including VAT) listed in the table below.
Depending on the falling in one or another range, the Data Provider is charged a cost corresponding to the Tariff zone.

Calculations are carried out based on Data at the end of the Reporting Period.
III. The cost for the "Transmission to ADO of self-advertising creatives" Service:
- is charged upon registration of a self-advertising creative;

- is calculated based on the total transmitted volume of self-advertising for the Reporting Period, according to the Data contained in the Data Provider's Personal Account, based on the uploaded megabytes.

IV. If after signing the UPD for the Reporting Period, the Data Provider made adjustments to the Data for the closed Reporting Period, the ADO reserves the right to recalculate the cost of Services for the respective Reporting Period according to the Tariffs in effect at the time of closing the Reporting Period and to charge the Data Provider for the identified difference in the cost of Services.

V. All payments under the Agreement shall be made in Russian rubles.

Each Party shall independently pay all applicable taxes in accordance with the laws of its residency.